Inside of Me

can't see this image? try reloading :)Okay, so here’s a bunch of things you might want to know about me.

I was born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, on the 16th day of July, 1984. I spent most of my childhood in Yogyakarta, and it is still the one place I can call home. I completed my studies at the Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in 2008.

My first job was at a small software development company in Solo. It was a bumpy first trip, one that only lasted for eight months. I then decided to move on and pursue greater challenges. So I went out and got a new job at a (significantly) larger software development company in Bali. I’ve been here since June ’09 and I’m still learning a lot from this company. I think it’ll be quite a while until I decide to jump to another ship.

I’m really into computers and programming, and I’m striving to learn more each day. I’ve learned PHP, VB6, and even LISP during my final year in college, but I’ve spent most of my days on the job using Java.

I’m also fond of music, almost all kinds of music. In fact, my favorite band list spans from Paramore to L’arc~en~Ciel and from Shiina Ringo and Tomiko Van to Jamiroquai.

Last but not least, I would really really really like to go on an awesome backpacking trip to Japan and Europe someday.


15 Comments on “Inside of Me”

  1. lambrtz says:

    greetings, my brother in the name of computer and music 🙂

  2. leksa says:

    ini toh mas kerti 😀

    yunan lagi di Jogja lhooo

  3. kerti says:

    inggih mas ijal, monggo pinarak 🙂
    wah, titip salam ya mas, dari adik kelasnya yang imut… (idihhh, hoekkk deh… )

  4. riyantoro says:

    Kulo bade sowan Mas Kerti…
    Kados pundi khabaripun?
    Njih, monggo dipun sekecakaken anggenipun sinau
    Mugi-mugi ndang lulus nggih 😀
    Kulo namung saged urun donga kemawon
    Ampun kapok-kapok mampir wonten ing web’e kulo nggih..


    Riyantoro gagah prakosa!

  5. antobilang says:

    Kerti, saya anto, dulu kita satu unit KKN di balong. 😀

  6. kerti says:

    woalah, koe to Tok?
    monggo monggo, mari mampir ke rumah saya. 🙂
    lama tak bersua, macam apa kabarnya?

  7. nama saya joe. saya ndak satu unit sama sampeyan waktu kkn. tapi 1 unit sama maridjo, kekekeke!

  8. lambrtz says:

    @joesatch yang legendaris
    maridjo itu siapa mas?


  9. kerti says:

    nicholas maridjo wardhana…

  10. Eddy says:

    Happy b’day ndhoel!

    A day early… timbang sesuk lali, malah telat!

  11. erricgunawan says:

    wow … seperti pernah melihat theme ini … 🙄

  12. kerti says:

    @papi Eric
    oh iya? masak sih? di mana ya?

  13. erricgunawan says:

    … I’ve been here since June ’99 and …

    I think you’ve might wanna say June ’09 instead :mrgreen:

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