Wishlist Revisited

I’ve already posted about this topic twice (here and here). Now I want to look back on the years gone by and see how much closer I am getting to making this wishlist real.

1. Get a house of my own.

This one I’m going to have to set aside for now. Property prices in my hometown are crazier than ever, and rather than stressing myself I might be better of pursuing something more reachable. But I am looking into possibilities, and when the opportunity comes I will surely take it.

2. Go on a backpacking trip to Europe.

I’ve started saving for this one, and although the current balance is a far cry from the actual budget, I can confidently say that I will be able to achieve this in a few years’ time.

3. Learn photography and get myself a not-so-bad DSLR camera.

This one’s also going to have to wait a little longer. It’s a hobby (and a quite expensive one), so a lower priority should be appropriate.

4. Get a 13″ MacBook.

I bought my MacBook Unibody A1342 about six months ago, and I’m about five months away from settling my payments. So I can safely say I’m well on my way to achieving this.

5. Have foster kids or be able to fund schooling for underprivileged kids.

As I’ve heard so many times from flight attendants every time I get on a plane, putting on your own oxygen mask is a lot more important than assisting a child or senior citizen. So, this has to go down for the moment.

6. Get a health and life insurance policy and build a detailed pension plan.

This should be my first priority for now. The longer I wait to buy a policy, the higher the premium. But I’ll have to settle all my payments first (MacBook and motorcycle), so I guess early next year would be a good estimation.


4 Comments on “Wishlist Revisited”

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  2. Livya says:

    ikutan dooong backpacking keliling europe nyaaa 😀 *nabungnya itu yang bingung..*

  3. aftrie says:

    mawuu ke Pariiiss…
    *malah dah beli tiket ke tempat laen*

    *ga konsisten nabung* 😆

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