Off The Grid

Those who are victims of the Facebook fever and read my status, it says I’m “off the grid”. Well, this isn’t exactly “off the grid”, but since not many people read this blog, I figured I still have the right to spill out what’s in my mind (and my heart, most likely) for the past few days.

I’m trying to step back from the cyberworld for a while. And I’m not doing this for me, I’m trying to step back to give some space for the person I think I bug most on the virtual world. I dunno, maybe I’m just being oversensitive about things, or maybe not. Maybe she does get irritated just by seeing me online on Yahoo!Messenger. Maybe she does get really tired of the “hello, how’s the day” bullshit I send her every single day.

Well, I don’t really know, but if you’re reading this blog, you can sleep sound tonight. Because I’m gonna quit all that bullshit. I’m just gonna be invisible to you. Well, maybe not always invisible, but I wont say hello or whatever. I’ll just let you talk to me first when you need to. If not, well, silence is gold…

Just so you know, I know it sounds so lame when I say “good luck” or other stuff like that, but I mean it. You mean a lot to me, and I wished I could “do” more than I “say”…


2 Comments on “Off The Grid”

  1. rara gita says:

    aku baca lo Ti…tapi cuman kalo aku lagi OL, sayangnya jarang banget deh

  2. glo says:

    hiks hiks hiks…
    hm, it’s a sad story bro
    cheer up soon 😀

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