Busy Busy Busy…


Thanks for the message you sent me this morning.
Thanks for the warm welcome everytime we meet in cyberspace.

Even though honestly I wanted more, but thanks 🙂

You were just talking about how hectic your life was (or still is, at the moment). I wish I could do something about it, to untangle your life’s threads. But I feel like I don’t know anything about your world. I feel so useless! I know it’s a bit too much if I wanted to be more involved in your everyday life. We’re physically 60 km apart each day, and being online everyday isn’t going to make your life any easier. But…can’t I take a deeper look at your routines? Can’t I at least try to understand how hard it is being you? I really appreciate it when you dig up a few minutes out of your pile of itinerary, just to welcome me, make me a cup of coffee, and joke around with your little brother and sister. I really do. But I wish I could do more than just sit around and watch you work, or worse, imagine you work…

This heart of mine is just about to burst. But I’ll just have to keep it together, for you…

Damn, I miss you!


2 Comments on “Busy Busy Busy…”

  1. indomielezat says:

    akuhakuhakuh? miss me? oh noo… tengkyu tengkyu…..

  2. kerti says:

    hopeless dah kalo yang satu ini…

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