Wishlist Upgraded

Here’s my new wishlist, an upgrade of my previous wishlist:

  1. Get a house of my own in my hometown Yogyakarta, Indonesia, preferably in the northeast part of the city, in the suburbs.
  2. Go on a backpacking trip to Europe, preferably with my better half.
  3. Learn photography; and while I’m at it, get a DSLR camera, maybe a Canon EOS D40. [review]
  4. Get a 13″ Apple MacBook Unibody.
  5. Have a foster kid(s) or be able to fund schooling for underprivileged kids.
  6. Get a health and life insurance policy and build a detailed pension plan.

8 Comments on “Wishlist Upgraded”

  1. Nonie says:

    ck.. ck.. impian yg hebat & jauh ke depan. semangat !! semoga bisa meraihnya. seandainya pun tdk di tahun 2009, tp pasti bisa terwujud di tahun berikutnya. ^^

  2. kerti says:

    Thanks sista! ^__^

  3. aftrie says:

    ehiya.. keknya perlu ditambahkan juga nih di wishlistku..
    pengen punya NPWP..

  4. aftrie says:

    kalo belum ada penghasilan tetap lagi, tetep bisa bikin ndak yaa?

  5. lambrtz says:

    Ga kepingin jadi bassist Casiopea? 😛

  6. kerti says:

    Sepertinya sih tetep bisa. Dengan pendapatan nol berarti pajak juga nol.

    Hmmm… pengen sih…

  7. […] already posted about this topic twice (here and here). Now I want to look back on the years gone by and see how much closer I am getting to making this […]

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