How’s your evening?

You’re trying so hard to understand him, and I’m trying even harder to understand you…
And right now I feel like I don’t have the guts to tell you anything…

What the hell is wrong with me?!

But… do I really need to tell you anything?
Don’t you get it already?

I feel like I want to beat myself up!

There’s so much about you that I don’t know… so much more that I want to understand…

Why can’t I just tell you that I care?
Why can’t I just let it loose and let you know how crazy I am about you?!

I want to embrace you!
I want to laugh with you!
I want to cry with you!

I want you!

But then… saying is all that I can do, isn’t it?!

I could buy you whatever books you want…
I could take you anywhere you want to go, whenever you want…
I could work my ass off to get you all your worldly needs…
But… what good is all that for you?

Could I really spark a light inside your heart?

Well then… I feel so useless…

And now I put up a half-fake smile and make you think I’m okay…


But at least now I know it’s real, because it’s starting to hurt…


4 Comments on “Sparks?”

  1. aftrie says:

    u speak my mind, dit..

  2. kerti says:

    sayangnya kita ndak bisa “speak up our minds” kepada orangnya langsung ya…

  3. aftrie says:

    i’ve tried once..
    tetep pengen ngomong terus tapi.. nah ini yang ndak bisa.. hihi..
    i’m suck!

  4. kerti says:

    mending apf
    aku belom pernah bilang

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