the comeback

after disappearing quite a long time from this blog, i finally decided to write something today.

first of all, i got a flu again, starting from yesterday afternoon at around two o’clock. the first thing i felt was that my throat was swelling, and the next thing i knew i had a runny nose and killer headache. i took a pill last night and this morning but it didn’t seem to do any good.

okay… what’s next… i just found out yesterday that my department is restructuring it’s curriculum in order to accommodate the birth of a new department: the department of informatics engineering. as i will surely be a member of this new department, this caught quite a big portion of my attention. anyway, this new curriculum will merge some courses and split others, adding some and eliminating some. so i figure there will be quite an effort on my part in adjusting to the new circumstances.

phew… this headache is killing me. i think this is enough for a first-time comeback.

and by the way, i miss her already… my sweetheart pi-chan. well, even though we’re not exactly what we were half a year ago, but hey…


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