it’s great to be alive

this topic may be way out of its time, but i wanna post it anyway.

ever watched the j-dorama "ichi ritoru no namida" or "one liter of tears"? well, if you have you’ll get a pretty good idea why i’m writing this.

we ignorant humans sometimes forget to be thankful. that we are alive. that we are healthy. that we are able to smile, able to run around freely, able to do a million other simple things that we don’t ever notice. we simply forget because we have near-perfect bodies. and we spend countless hours trying to make it perfect. we justify hundreds of dollars for cosmetics and hairdo or special privileges at the local gym. but we almost never take time to enjoy and be thankful of the complex coordination between our limbs when we walk. or how we can eat ice cream upside down and let our throat do the pushing.

a few days ago i posted something about me having this tonsil inflammation. well, when i look back now, this is nothing compared to the spinocerebellar degeneration that aya had to go through at such a young age. and now i’m most thankful that i’m still able to feel pain, as if someone had stuck a big needle through my throat.

i’m not saying i’m better or more thankful than the rest of the human population. this is just what i’ve been thinking while listening to aya’s soundtrack. she isn’t that attractive, she had her share of breakdowns and sometimes takes the wrong turn down the road; she’s only human. but with the spirit and the noble heart she has, she more than deserves a praise.


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