JAF day 2

the japan art festival held at Kiko’s Restaurant starting two days ago is quite a gathering. i’m not talking in terms of the number of people involved, because any indonesian or western music concert would easily outnumber the audience. it was quite show in itself.
netsubô was scheduled to perform as the last band for the second day (last night). but then as it turns out, there are actually two more bands who performed after us.
okay, first the performance. after all the sessions we had at the studios, it finally paid off. we performed well, for a band who had just had two new players and a whole lot of adjustments. especially since this is the first time (as i remembered) we performed on stage with a keyboard player. despite all the negative thinking i had in my mind, which i finally managed to throw away at the last moment, the two newbies performed quite well. they were all serious in the preps and looked a bit tense on stage. but that was normal. they’ll get the hang of it soon or later.
well, it wasn’t exactly a perfect performance, but i gotta hand it to them, because i felt like it was a blast anyway. the whole band performed with its distinct coreography: virtually standstill. this was our trademark from the beginning, since we all didn’t want to sacrifice our musicality to coreography — or so we said. we’re just not good at it, hahaha…
about the other bands, they also performed quite well, getting the crowd to shake their butts as soon as a song starts. i feel kinda sorry though for the two bands that performed after netsubô. right after we got off the stage, the mass of audience suddenly shrunk to just a little over 30 people. the court was nearly empty. li’l sis says it’s the EO’s fault for letting them perform after us. without any intent to boast, the bands that perform early in the rundown, including us, were quite well known to the j-music community, and we had no problem massing the audience. but the two last bands — forget me not and panic beat — were relatively newbies with virtually no mass at all. but the bands performed quite well, and — despite my annoying tonsil problem — i went to mosh. not that i know the songs (except the AKG played by panic beat), but i just wanted to show support them.
overall it’s a great day — some minor flicks here and there — and i think i wanna do it again tonight.


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