tonsil inflammation

i had tonsil inflammation for almost two weeks now, and it hurts like hell. i don’t get to eat good food anymore. i have to eat softer stuff, and soft isn’t always good. some of the food is actually great, but anyone who has ever been ill as i am should know that i just couldn’t enjoy any meal.

i had gone to see two doctors, one is a specialist. here’s the drug-o-graphy:

first encounter:
amoxicillin 500mg, cataflam 25mg, bexicom (multivitamin)

second encounter:
amoxicillin 500mg, cataflam 25mg, cotrimoxazole 480mg

third encounter:
banoxillin 500mg, cataflam 25mg, cotrimoxazole 480mg

fourth encounter:
ciprofloxacin 500mg, nufadex m 0,5mg, pondex forte 500mg, bexicom (multivitamin)

first opinion: surgically remove the tonsils

second opinion: definitely get those screwed up tonsils out of me

the doctors evidently tried to throw everything at their disposal, antibiotics and stuff, to thwart the attack on my tonsils. but the army of germs — or whatever the hell it is that’s messing around in the back of my mouth — never seemed to even think about retreating.

the problem now is not about the surgery itself, it is a minor one and i wouldn’t bother to think about the pain, bla bla bla… it’s the recovery. i have to perform on stage on saturday. then i have to hold a seminar next wednesday and i have class later in the afternoon. then on friday i have lab work. one of the doctors said the recovery process really depends on my body’s defenses, but an educated guess puts it in the range between one to two weeks.


so i called in for an appointment with the specialist today to discuss how best to address the situation. i definitely can’t afford to cancel the seminar or bail out of my band, but the lab work i can manage next year — if i am not getting too old for school, that is.

let’s just see how it goes…


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