long time no see

it’s been a while since i last wrote on this blog. i never had the chance or the intention. so many things have happened since.

on may 16th i finally got to Rumbai, one of Chevron’s camps in Sumatra. other than the ridiculously hot weather, the place was fine. everything was almost in total order inside the camp, unlike its indonesian counterpart just a few meters outside the chevron perimeter fence. everything is governed by a set of carefully crafted regulations, enforced by an arsenal of security equipment and personnel. i got a whole lot of experience out there, more than i can expect, and particularly a lot more than what i’ve got from my 4 years in college. my mentor and his friends were a lot of help, and i had all the fun i had while studying there as an intern. thanks guys, for being my angels.

i got enrolled in the Emergency Earthquake Response KKN, and got deployed with some 2000 other UGM students. i got deployed to potorono village, a village located right next to the southeast corner of jogja’s ring road. i spent 6 weeks there, sleeping on damp sheets of woven bamboo, barely protected from the elements. at first it felt like i was in a war zone. rubble was our everyday view and emergency tents was all we had. at first those 6 weeks felt like forever, then time seemed to go so fast i wanted it to stop. i’d say we blended quite well with local residents and did a pretty good job. the kids were most affectionate. even after KKN, they’d always cry when we came to visit and then had to say goodbye again. cute little creatures… i hope they’re gonna be alright.

netsubô got a quite a few kicks at the stage. they managed to get a temporary base player and had some action without me because i was on internship at Chevron and eventually went on KKN. good for them. after two of our players resigned, the manager (a.k.a li’l sis) was on her heels trying to keep the band on top. but we still managed to do okay, for now.

to be continued…


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