a bad day?

lama gak nulis nih…

beberapa hari yang lalu aku ditelpon pak asral dari chevron, katanya aku jadi bisa KP. HIP HIP HURRAY!!

2 hari yang lalu kalo gak salah aku dapat fax dari chevron tentang prosedur keberangkatanku. HIP HIP HURRAY!!

akhirnya aku bisa KP juga!!!

tentang hari ini:

am i wrong? am i just having negative thoughts about her and him? i don’t know, but i really hope so. i’m sorry pi-chan for making this day a ‘bad mod’ day. it’s just that i feel something different about you today. it’s just so not you. but anyway, we’ve gone through it well. i said it was my fault and you said it was your fault. well, the way i see it now, it’s nobody’s fault. we’re just trying to understand each other, maybe just in a wrong way.

but the fact is, it’s over now. and i’m so grateful that we handled things well in the end. i just hope i can change myself towards a better me and understand you better than before.

after all, we are two really crazy kids, right?

and i think i really am gonna miss you next month…


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